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Services de paiement en ligne Luxembourg

Solutions de commerce électronique Luxembourg

Firts Data/Telecash, a reliable combination for the acquisition and processing of your transactions.

One of the largest card payment transaction processors in the world. Technology adapted from the smallest points of sale to the largest.

In a few numbers :

  • 6,000,000 merchant sites,

  • 4,000 financial institutions

  • 2,500 transactions/second

  • 79 billion transactions per year

  • Present in 118 countries

Solutions de paiement Luxembourg

Our historic partner. Tested and approved solutions for all types of activity.

Elavon guarantees very fast processing of your transactions.

Technologie NFC Luxembourg

Oonex, a new partner who has opened the doors to European solutions for us.

The same system for different countries.

Terminal de paiement électronique TPE Luxembourg

Servipay and Kirepo have joined forces to make the Pax A920 payment terminal an all-in-one solution made in Luxembourg. On a single device, and in a smartphone format, you have a payment terminal and a cash register system.

In Luxembourg, Kirepo specializes in application development:

  • web applications

  • iOS apps

  • android apps

  • HarmonyOS apps

Terminal de paiement mobile Luxembourg

Nepting, a centralized and integrated solution.

A transaction routing mode that allows transactions to be viewed live on an internet platform.

Easy integration into traditional or mobile POS systems, tablet or smartphone.

The possibility for business managers to manage their various points of sale remotely and directly.

Terminal de paiement portable Luxembourg

Servipay integrates payment by Payconiq QR code on its PAX A920 terminal. The partnership between Servipay and Payconiq International makes life easier for merchants.

Traders and professionals thus benefit from an innovative solution that fits perfectly into their environment. Payments via the various Payconiq applications, including the brand new Digicash by Payconiq launched at the end of 2020, are accepted on Servipay terminals, contactless, even beyond the limit of 50 euros set for bank cards.

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